What Next Generation Dealer Services will do for you!

  • Facebook personality – we will be your living breathing digital billboard that will engage in two way conversations with people in your local community, posting on Facebook 2-3 times per day 365 days a year.
  • Reputation management monitoring – Our software allows us to monitor social mentions about your dealership and respond in real time on your behalf. Positive comments, we will thank people for the kind words. Negative comments, we will try to resolve on your behalf but will keep you posted of the results.
  • Increase positive reviews for your dealership – we will share ideas and work with your team to get more positive reviews.
  • Online contests – one of the best ways to increase engagement with your local community is by having contests with small giveaways like $25 gift cards, sports tickets, fair tickets, or free oil changes. One example is every Friday is Facebook Free-Day at Lakeside Toyota. We will give away a detail, gas or an oil change just for people participating.
  • Facebook ads – if you’re interested in dedicating a small part of your digital marketing budget to Facebook, we will design ad campaigns that will have huge results with increasing your local “likes” on Facebook. It works very similar to PPC where you can have a specific daily spend budget or a campaign spend budget and target people in your backyard.

If down the road, you want to increase our service to our comprehensive package, here is what else you will receive:

  • Blog – we will design you a blog with a stand along domain name that is popular for keyword searches in your community and add SEO friendly material on a regular basis.
  • Content marketing – we will add at least 4 new blog posts specifically written for your dealership to your blog each month. Each are written and tagged to be very SEO friendly. One of the best we like to do is a monthly employee spotlight. We will interview the employee of your choice and write about them. This allows people in your community to get to know everyone at the dealership over time. We will add other content through the month that maybe borrowed like latest reviews of your products, breaking news from Toyota, etc.
  • Other social networks – Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, etc.