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We don’t just talk social media, we do it every single day and have for the last 5 years! We acquired our first dealer Midlands Honda, who is still a client of ours, in 2009 and have been managing their social media efforts ever since.

Can your current provider say that? Not many companies can say they have been actively managing social media accounts for 5 years and even less can say that they have been exclusively managing for car dealers!!!

It’s a challenge to get people to want to be friends with car dealers on social sites but it’s a challenge we have accepted from day one. We have never bought a like on Facebook or a follower on Twitter and every community we manage has a unique and local focus. Some of the Facebook pages we manage have more likes than others but two things are consistent on all of them, the people who like the page are local to the dealership and there is a high level of organic engagement.

A couple of years back, we had a lady post on a client’s (Metro Honda Union County) Facebook page and I realized that she had described perfectly what we do for our clients. Here is her quote:

Customer Quote

Social media, Facebook especially, is a living breathing digital billboard that has the ability to have two-way conversations with your community and to react to events happening in real-time.

Are you listening and RESPONDING to your community?

Facebook Response

We will make sure it is done, 365 days a year. Most of the time within an hour unless it is overnight, then it will be the first thing in the morning.

Are you selling cars with social media?

Sell cars

We choose a combination of engaging posts and sale oriented posts to make sure of two things, we get your message across and people see it!

If you have any questions, please contact Rob Hagen at 225-938-0993 or Robh@NextGenDealer.com.