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Company: Next Generation Dealer Services

Contact: Rob Hagen


Address: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

7 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business with the Facebook Boost Post Button
The Facebook Boost Post Button is a powerful tool in order to target audience on the brink of dealership at extremely low cost. Rob Hagen will host an online webinar to talk about the Facebook Boost Post Button feature on October 8, 2014 at 1 in the afternoon.
Rob Hagen is part of the Next Generation Dealer Services, a company that has actively been managing accounts on social media for half a decade now. What sets Next Generation Dealer Services apart from others is that they have been managing exclusively for car dealers! It is hard to get people liking to be friends with certain car dealers on social media, but this is a challenge Next Generation Dealer Services has accepted since its inception. The company has never purchased a Twitter follower or a Facebook like and all communities they manage have local and unique focus. Several Facebook pages Next Generation Dealer Services manages have a lot of likes compared to others but there are a couple of things that are consistent on each of them – the high degree of organic engagement and the individuals who like the web page are restricted to dealership.

The social media, particularly Facebook, is definitely a discreet digital billboard capable of having two-way discussions with the community and to respond to events currently happening.

Rob Hagen will talk about how the Boost Post Button of Facebook will be a beneficial tool for people to promote their businesses. The upcoming webinar allows the audience to be aware of the 7 helpful ways to make use of Facebook Boost Post Button feature in order to obtain positive results from other car dealerships.

“We have had the pleasure of doing business with Next Gen and Rob Hagen since 2009. They have always been on the cutting edge of new advancements to help grow our online business.” Greg Nalewaja, General Manager Metro Honda Union County and Midlands Honda.


For more information with regard to the webinar hosted by Rob Hagen, please visit In order to register and be part of the webinar, please visit Overall, the online webinar of Rob Hagen allows the audience to know how to utilize the Facebook Boost Post Button to promote their business!

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