4/16 is Foursquare Day, What Does This Mean to Your Dealership?

Let me start by asking, are you familiar with Foursquare? Basically, it is a location based network where you can share places you have been with your friends by “checking in” at your favorite places. Also, you can add tips for other people to read when they check in. Then, probably the biggest social effect that happens for businesses is that once you check in on Foursquare, it asks you if you want to share that information on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Imagine for a minute, you have ten people check in at your dealership each day and then they share it with their online friends on Facebook and Twitter. The average person has 130 Facebook friends and about 200 Twitter followers so basically 1300 (10 x 130) people would see this post each day on Facebook and 2000 people on Twitter. This is equivalent to a testimonial as people are telling their friends they are a patron of your business.

Foursquare is not the only location based network out there as there is also Scvngr, Facebook Places and Gowalla to name a few. For the interest of this blog, I will stick with Foursquare. The appeal to these networks are the gaming aspects and on Foursquare, people compete for the most check in’s at locations to become the “mayor” of the location and earn badges for completing certain actions. Businesses can claim their location and offer specials for check in’s or being the mayor.

In 2010, Foursquare Day (4th month, 4 squared = 16, 4/16) was dreamed up by an Obstetrician in Tampa FL. and was endorsed by Foursquare as they are open to innovative ideas from their fans. We want to make sure you have everything you need to rock Foursquare Day at your dealership!

Join us this Thursday (4/7) at 2:00 PM ESTfor a no charge webinar entitled “How Dealers Can ROCK on FourSquare Day!” Click on the link to register as there is limited space for this webinar.


Can you envision the possibilities?


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