Social media is not just about sales, it's about your bottom-line!" – Rob Hagen

cancer awareness

Social Content Examples for October 2014

Let me start off by stressing the word social, these are going to be topics, events and days of interest that you can […]

SV loves MH

The coolest thing we ever did!

In 2011 we conducted a school pride project with Metro Honda. As part of this contest schools worked to accumulate points in order to win […]

negative reviews

Making Chicken Salad Out of a Bad Review

“To err is human; to forgive, divine” – Alexander Pope Mistakes happen, people realize this. Nobody expects a business to be perfect, as […]

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Valentine's Day Dream Date Contest

What You Can Do with $100 to Promote Your Dealership!

As social media continues to grow, it’s about time it gets its own line item on your advertising budget. I’m not saying you […]


Stop Doing These Five Things and People Will Stop Unliking Your Page

Losing a friend stinks; losing a client costs you money; people unliking your Facebook page is both! Historically, people have had a somewhat […]

Social Media Puzzle

How can social media help you sell more cars!

Let’s get straight to the question most dealers want to know. First, it is important to understand what social media is. Social media […]

4/16 is Foursquare Day, What Does This Mean to Your Dealership?

Let me start by asking, are you familiar with Foursquare? Basically, it is a location based network where you can share places you […]


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